Institutional Services

While Vision Financial Markets ("Vision") traces its roots to the futures industry, we have expanded our business over the years to offer a wider array of services to a broader range of clients. This includes institutional investors of all stripes and sizes, from hedge funds to Registered Investment Advisors, for whom we provide a variety of services:

As always, Vision combines personal attention with powerful resources to develop lasting relationships with our institutional clients. In short, we seek to grow with you.

Hedge Fund Services

Vision partners with select single and multi-strategy hedge fund managers to provide prime brokerage, trading and execution, marketing and strategic consulting, asset raising and institutional capital introduction services. In addition, we work with multi-manager funds of funds, introducing them to investors.

Prime Brokerage

Vision offers institutional clients and hedge funds an integrated prime brokerage platform that includes a broad array of services, including:

  • Execution and clearing
  • Reporting
  • Securities lending
  • Risk management
  • Financing
  • Technology
  • Back-office support
  • Capital introduction
  • Risk management
  • Marketing and strategic consulting services

As one of fewer than 20 organizations in the world that can self-clear across both the U.S. securities markets and the major U.S. futures markets, Vision offers hedge funds and other institutional investors what few other firms can. Furthermore, we specialize in servicing small and mid-sized clients, delivering the personal attention that is often lacking at larger firms.

At Vision, we manage our business to remain the trustworthy and reliable business partner our customers want and deserve. As a company, Vision follows sound, conservative business practices and affiliates only with firms that do the same. We strive to maintain a robust balance sheet and strong net capital ratios, and do not use our capital for aggressive proprietary trading or risky investments. In fact, the majority of our capital has always been invested conservatively in U.S. Treasuries and AA/AAA rated short-term securities.

Trading and Execution

Different trading styles require different tools. Vision offers institutional clients access to the markets through a variety of platforms that boast highly customizable feature sets.

A flexible trading platform that can be customized to your strategies and the way you trade.

R | Trader™
For the futures and options trader who wants access to the Chicago electronic markets.

As one of fewer than 20 broker/dealers in the United States able to self-clear on both securities and futures exchanges, Vision offers hedge funds and other institutional investors what few other firms can. Furthermore, we do it with a focus on the needs of the client, not the size of the client's account.

High-Frequency Trading

Though individual strategies vary, all high-frequency traders rely on speed and the cutting-edge technology that enables it. To support high-frequency trading in both the futures and securities markets, we have established a strategic partnership with Rithmic LLC. Through Rithmic, we deliver to our clients the low-latency and high-throughput performance previously available only to large trading houses and boutique hedge funds. Our electronic trading technology allows clients to capture theoretical pricing discrepancies across exchanges, products and markets.

As a member of various exchanges on the futures side and the securities side at which Rithmic has installed hardware, we are able to provide our clients with Direct Market Access and the necessary order routing speed to implement their strategies.

Clearing for Registered Investment Advisors

Vision provides a turnkey solution for small to medium-sized Registered Investment Advisors, including start-ups. We deliver everything a Registered Investment Advisor needs to take its business to the next level, including:

  • Competitive execution, custody and clearing
  • Online tools and off-line reporting
  • Asset-raising capabilities
  • Quality investment products, including both traditional investments and alternatives such as managed futures, private placements, hedge funds and funds of funds

Just as important, we provide these services with the commitment to personal attention and client service upon which Vision was built.

Correspondent Clearing

In recent years, the clearing business has gone beyond the mere processing of trades to take on a more holistic focus on the needs of each client. Vision excels in this regard, partnering with small and medium-sized broker/dealers to help grow their businesses. These services are tailored to each client's stage of development, offering everything from basic clearing to an entire suite of business development support that includes marketing assistance and helping firms map out and execute their growth strategies.

We seek to develop long-term relationships by providing our valued clients with the best possible services and support in pursuit of their business goals. Whether you just need a firm to clear your trades, provide execution and custody or help you from A to Z, Vision has the resources and the attention to help satisfy your needs.

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