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We believe what differentiates Vision from its competitors in the fast paced electronic trading arena is a unique combination of technologies, tools and personnel brought together with a single purpose - to provide the highest level of personal attention and the most powerful trading resources available today.

Vision has entered into a strategic relationship with Rithmic LLC (“Rithmic”). They develop high performance trade execution software and low latency direct market access to some of the world’s largest futures and securities exchanges. Read below to learn more about the value proposition offered by the alliance of Vision and Rithmic.

System developers, professional day traders and screen designers interested in multi-asset execution choose to incorporate Rithmic's C++  or .NET R | API™, into their proprietary software or systems. Traders who integrate these Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”)  are then able to take advantage of what is believed by many to be the industry’s fastest and most reliable market data and order routing infrastructure, providing access to the futures and stock markets. Additionally, for active traders executing trades on both domestic and international securities exchanges, Vision supports the market leading RealTick API developed by ConvergEx Group.

What is the R | API?

R | API is a collection of C++ and/or .NET software libraries and interface definitions distributed under license to our professional customers.  R | API provides unthrottled real-time market data, historical tick data, historical one-minute bars, as well as order execution and order management capabilities.  For execution-only capabilities, a Financial Information eXchange (“FIX”) 4.2 compliant interface is also available.

More information is available on an Application Programming Interface and the protocol Financial Information eXchange.

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Who utilizes the R | API?

The R | API is used by software developers worldwide:
  • Grey box and black box designers/programmers
  • Trading screen designers/programmers
Users of programs which have incorporated R | API are/could be:
  • Grey box and black box traders
  • High frequency traders
  • Scalpers
  • Proprietary trading houses
  • Screen traders
  • Risk managers
  • Brokerage houses
  • Banks, including foreign banks
  • Third Party Education Providers
Why would a trader utilize the R | API and the associated Rithmic execution platform through Vision?
  • Direct Market Access provided through Vision's membership and clearing capabilities;
  • Unparalleled Low Latency Execution - including sub-millisecond order submission metrics;
  • Robust risk controls including support for 4-to-1 intra-day leverage for trading stocks and pre-trade futures limits such as dollar-based margin, without impairing the speed of order submission; and
  • Access to non-throttled, real-time market data and historical one-minute bars for embedding analytics within your own platform.
Explanation of the Vision / Rithmic Value Proposition

Vision and Rithmic have entered into a strategic alliance whereby Rithmic provides Vision with:

  • A fully managed , high performance trade execution and technology platform;
  • A set of standards-based APIs;
  • A comprehensive order management system ("OMS"); and
  • A robust order execution system ("OES") with direct market access to the world's premier securities and derivatives exchanges.

To this relationship Vision adds its unique capabilities as a self-clearing Futures Commission Merchant with membership on all of the primary U.S. futures exchanges, including all of those which comprise the CME Group, as well as acting as a self-clearing securities broker/dealer with direct execution rights on various stock and stock option exchanges through its membership in the Options Clearing Corporation and The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation.


By leveraging these U.S. derivatives and securities exchange memberships, our multi-asset clearing capabilities, a diverse network of partner gateways, as well as our own in-house software development staff, Vision successfully combines with Rithmic to insure that the active and API trader can incorporate these cutting edge tools into their trading regimen.

We invite you to explore the ways in which you can accelerate your trading experience with Vision by completing the fulfillment form. You can also learn more by requesting access to our available APIs.

Explore Vision's Rithmic Trade Execution and Market Data Architecture via the chart below:

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