Important Information For Former IBs, Brokers, Branches and Foreign Agents of PFG

Vision Financial Markets (“Vision”) will be receiving the former PFG accounts via bulk transfer. It is in our best mutual interest for you to reach out to Vision and immediately explore the opportunity to clear through us. Either complete the contact form on the right side of this page or directly contact Steve Silver, the PFG Broker Transition Coordinator for Vision, at

As Howard Marella, the President of Index Futures Group (a former PFG Introducing Broker), told the press, "I view Vision stepping up to the plate as a very good thing. The industry needed this to happen, and the clients needed this to happen. Clients are counting on this money getting active again in the futures industry."

Interested IBs and brokers should complete, sign and return the Introducing Broker Questionnaire to Vision for our Compliance department to conduct necessary due diligence. Please be sure to include a clear copy of a government issued photo ID.

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