eSignal - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is there a demo available for eSignal? Is paper trading included in my demo?

A.  Yes, eSignal has a 30 day demo available. To get started sign up here. Paper trading is included.

Q.  How do I activate live trading?

A.  Once you have a funded account with Vision, contact your Introducing Broker for details on how to get started with live trading on eSignal.

Q.  How do I get support?

A.  Please call or e-mail Vision's Trading Applications Group at +1.866.594.2342 or

Q.  How do I recover lost login information?

A.  Please make sure you remember that your user name is case sensitive and verify that you are typing all login information correctly. If you still have trouble logging on, call the Vision's Trading Applications Group at +1.866.594.2342 or e-mail

Q.  How do I place an order if my platform is down or I do not have access?

A.  Call Vision's 24 Hour Order Desk at +1.866.594.2274.

Q.  How do I open an account with Vision or fund my existing Vision account?

A.  Call Vision's Client Services team at +1.877.836.3949 or e-mail

Q.  How do I install eSignal if I have previously used a different version?

A.  Please uninstall the previous version before installing any new version.

Q.  I need to install the Rithmic Bridge. What is this?

A.  This is the software that connects eSignal to the Rithmic infrastructure. View instructions on how to integrate Rithmic with eSignal here.