IB/Clearing Services

Vision Financial Markets ("Vision") is working hard to build a brighter future for its clients including the many Introducing Brokers ("IBs") which clear through us. While many firms in the futures and securities industries seem to be pulling back in our opinion, Vision is marching ahead, aggressively growing its business for the future. With personal attention to our clients' needs, we are building upon our core clearing business to create a larger, stronger structure. As Vision continues to grow we are able to offer more powerful resources to our customers.

Since we became a Futures Commission Merchant in 1990, Vision has grown significantly. We are proud that we now:

  • Provide commodities execution and clearing services for approximately 200 introducing broker offices;
  • Represent over 500 associated persons within our Introducing Broker offices; and
  • Provide equities execution and clearing to our clients.

We have the resources and experience to provide our clients with the best possible execution and clearing services, but remain a nimble, customer-focused company that pride ourselves on a complete lack of bureaucracy. Clearing and execution is and always has been the core of Vision's business and we are passionate in maintaining our excellence in this field as we continue to grow.

Personal Attention

In addition to our freedom as a privately held company, Vision's IB liaisons set us apart from other firms. Our IB liaisons have a close, personal relationship with their IBs. They understand that every IB has a different plan for growth and they know how to implement that plan at Vision. We can provide services ranging from marketing, access to lead generation programs, trading platforms, "turn-key" managed futures programs and more. At Vision, your IB liaison is not just a contact person, they are a partner in taking your business to the next level, whatever you may want that to be.

Powerful Resources

Vision is a clearing member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ("CME"), Chicago Board of Trade ("CBOT"), the Intercontinental Exchange ("ICE"), New York Mercantile Exchange ("NYMEX"), and Chicago Board of Options Exchange ("CBOE") as well as many others:


Fewer than twenty entities are self-clearing over both the futures and securities markets in the U.S. Out of those entities, Vision is the only one which is privately held. This enables us to focus our growth on the directions that best serve our clients rather than being held accountable to the expectations and opinions of others. It also speaks to the personal investment that our executives have made in the future of Vision, and by extension, the growth and prosperity of our IB clients. It is in our best interest to facilitate your growth, and we have the freedom to do so in whatever manner best suits your needs.

Managed Futures Capabilities

Since Vision's inception over 20 years ago, Vision has been a large proponent of managed futures. Now Vision is a CME Group Education Partner with a focus promoting managed futures.

Marketing and Branding

Vision is unique amongst futures clearing firms in that we are interested in our IBs establishing their own brand and identity. Our marketing teams works with the IBs to establish a business identity that best fits their trading strategy and clientele.


Our arsenal of online trading platforms allow brokers and end clients to quickly place electronic trades and monitor the status of their accounts.

EnVision Portal

Vision offers an exclusive Web-based IB portal for brokers and customers.

Agricultural IB Services

Vision is experienced working with agricultural IBs and understands that their unique needs sometimes differ from other IBs.

Exam Training

Vision IBs receive discounted exam training for various licenses.

Guaranteed Introducing Brokers vs. Independent Introducing Brokers

Vision Financial Markets clears for Guaranteed Introducing Brokers, Independent Introducing Brokers as well as Foreign Introducing Brokers.