Futures Active/API Trading

We believe what differentiates Vision from its competitors in the fast paced electronic trading arena is a unique combination of technologies, tools and personnel brought together with a single purpose - to provide a high level of personal attention and powerful trading resources.

Whether a high frequency trader, scalper or algorithmic trader, Vision can meet these unique needs via numerous front-end platforms and exposed APIs. We can provide multiple hosting solutions including rack-space as well as cross-connects and dedicated lines.

Write to an API

We expose multiple Application Programming Interface (“API”) connections providing direct market access to the U.S. futures markets. Choices include the very low latency R | API from Rithmic, LLC as well as APIs from Trading Technologies, CQG, ORC, RealTick and others.

Co-Location & Hosting Services

Fast, secure and redundant infrastructure powered by GuavaTech, a leader in trading infrastructure management, in addition to available rack space from Rithmic, LLC in either 350 East Cermak, Aurora or at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (which includes the CBOE Futures Exchange).

The CME Group data center in Aurora, IL is over 428,000 square feet and is served by two 138,000 volt transmission quality utility services from two separate generation plants through privately owned and operated substation. This substation provides for up to 92 MW of redundant power (184 MW of total power). CME Group’s trading match engine, which is located in the data center, allows for the lowest latency connectivity possible for all products traded on the CME Globex platform.

Low Latency

Algorithmic and high frequency traders can take advantage of low latency direct market access to all major U.S. markets. In particular, the R | API from Rithmic, LLC is gaining in reputation for its low latency routing infrastructure as well as the non-throttled real-time market data that it delivers.

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