About Us

Vision Financial Markets LLC (“Vision”) has been a self-clearing Futures Commission Merchant (“FCM”) for over 20 years in addition to a self-clearing securities broker/dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Having full clearing capabilities on both the securities side and futures side in the U.S. markets puts Vision in some very elite company as there are less than twenty such entities in the world that have the same breadth of capabilities. Vision holds memberships with the many exchanges and organizations listed below including being a self-clearing member of all four CME Group exchanges. Less than 40 organizations in the world have this distinction.

Vision is committed to delivering the cutting-edge solutions required by active trading customers. With a growing list of over a dozen screen-based trading applications powered by a fast, secure and redundant infrastructure, Vision offers a suite of products to meet the various needs of both professional and retail traders including the ability to write to various Application Programming Interfaces. Algorithmic, high frequency and other active traders can take advantage of low latency direct market access for stocks, options and futures.

Along with providing active trading services, Vision was formed with the goal of providing exceptional hands on marketing, sales, service and trading support to our futures Introducing Brokers worldwide. With approximately 200 Introducing Broker offices representing over 500 registered associated persons, Vision has grown and expanded over the past 20 years to become one of the largest providers of Introducing Broker services in the United States.

Formed in January 1988, Vision is a privately held company with offices located in New York, Chicago and Stamford, CT. Vision was registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) as a Futures Commission Merchant in 1990.

Our designated self-regulatory organizations are the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for our futures business and the Chicago Board Options Exchange for our securities business. We are also audited annually by an independent auditor. Vision follows sound, conservative business practices to make sure we remain the trustworthy and reliable business partner our customers want and deserve. Vision's owners have a great deal of their personal assets invested in Vision's net capital. The majority of Vision’s capital has always been invested conservatively in U.S. Treasuries and AA/AAA rated short-term securities. Our primary focus is to provide our valued clients the best possible services and support in helping them reach their investment/trading goals.

Vision's commitment to excellence is uncompromising and, we believe, unparalleled. In a sense, everyone at Vision has the same job: we are all in customer service. From senior executives to trading operations to accounting and administrative staff, every employee of Vision is trained to treat our customers with the utmost care and professionalism. That means we answer questions accurately, resolve inquiries promptly, and generally make certain our customers understand how completely we value their business.

Asset Protection

Vision Financial Markets LLC is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which protects customer accounts for up to $500,000 (of which up to $250,000 may be for cash). This protection does not safeguard against a decline or loss in market value of the securities in your account. For more information, read our Asset Protection Brochure.


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